Friday, September 21, 2012

Early morning Hulking out

What's this?! Two posts in two days?! Whoa whoa, hold the phones...

Actually, I just felt bad that I didn't post art yesterday when I posted my thoughts... so, here ya go. A little warm up I did before hitting these storyboards I need to clean up.

Every once in a while, I go back to drawing Marvel characters (although it seems to be the only thing I post online, trust me, I draw lots of other stuff, I just never scan it). I never feel like I do them justice, but it was always my dream to draw these characters professionally, and I'll get it right one day! Why is it that the characters/things we love most are the hardest to draw? Maybe I just care too much, want them to be too perfect. Gotta let go, and that's what I tried to do here, I had to redraw this a few times and keep telling myself "Be loose"...Here is the sketch, and some quick colors I threw on it, just to try colors.

My thoughts- I am torn on this one. I like some things going on, and it may be the best Hulk I have drawn, but ultimately it's not what I had imagined in my head. I wanted something filling the page more, something more imposing, but I got so caught up trying to get it right that I forgot what the initial concept was... so really, it's a failure... but like I said, gotta keep trying to get it right. 10,000 hours, people... and when I am done with that, I will need another 10,000!!!

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