Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Besibol here I come!

So as of late last month, I am now a full time freelance artist. And while I will be looking for freelance gigs, my main gig will be working on getting this published...

I want to do a graphic novel of my Flight 2 & 5 stories, "Beisbol". My goal is to have a series of short stories that stand alone, but when put into a single book, they will play off each other, and there will be history and continuity. I have many stories to tell with Francisco Sanchez, and I need to start putting those on paper.

Also, thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed my most recent story, "Beisbol 2", (or even personally told me how much you liked it). It means a lot to me, and it gives me strength to know that a Beisbol graphic novel will do well. I hope to continue with more strong stories in the future, I owe it to Francisco to tell the best stories I can.

I always love when people tell me "I don't like baseball at all... but man, your story makes me almost want to play." That rocks!