Friday, January 09, 2009

Alpaca the size of Hamster... challenged.

I mentioned to a friend, Marion Vitus, that science should stop the shenanigans and start breeding alpacas to the size of hamsters...

She then challenged me to draw the alpacas... hamster sized, but with the same amount of wool so she and other knitters wouldn't be gypped. These are Marion's mini-alpacas

Here are my mini-alpacas...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sunset in Culver City

No, I did not make a New Years Resolution to post more often... but here I am.

I am embarrassed to post this, since I haven't done any plein- aire painting in years, and this was done for myself, just like most everything I draw is for myself, but here is a quick painting I did when I came home after an afternoon walk. I saw the most beautiful sunset ever; this painting can't hold a candle to what I saw, but I had to try to capture even a small piece of that feeling.

BTW, I promise to try to post more often.