Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My buddy Mike Roush, married!!!??

Another one bites the dust...

Congrats to Mike and Mari, they are wonderful people, and I am glad I could be part of the ceremony.

Mari happy about something Mike said... maybe "I Do"

The boys of the wedding, Groomsmen and Ushers

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Those Guys 2007 Comic Con Tshirt

So con is on its way, and The Those Guys wouldnt miss it!

Our booth is #1035, come by and say hi.

Maybe buy one of our new Tshirts, they will be snazzy! I had the honor of designing this year's shirt... Here is a mock up

And a close up!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back from Kauai... alive.

So I am back from a week in Kauai. I went there to attend the wedding of my buddy Ryan Hernandez... it was a great little wedding. It was awesome watching Ryan and Vanessa look into each other's eyes as they exchanged vows; and, yes I got choked up, I am a sap, and I dont care who knows it.

While I was there waiting for the wedding, I hiked the amazing 11 mile Kalalau Trail with my buddy Mike. The first night, we camped at the 2 mile marker, Hanakapai Beach. We were ready to wrestle this hike into submission...

The next morning, I thought I was a giant in this wonderland, me and my 50 pound backpack...

But this hike is MURDER... sooo strenuous. It was constantly up and down, never flat, always too steep... We hiked 2 miles one day (it got dark), and 20 over the next 2 days. NOT EASY!!! Here I am near the end of our death march, next to the most beautiful sign I had seen in over 6 hours and more than 12 liters of water consumed...

90% of the trail is less than 2 feet wide, and at times the trail is just part of the gravel slope, straight into the ocean, 1000 feet down, if you slip. Not cool. We each had a few close calls falling or tripping, and we each had one serious fall with our legs dangling over a precipice (Hiking stick, I love you, you saved my life this weekend). But here we are... alive to tell of the beauty of the Na Pali Coast... it was a great experience, even if we had to see nudist hippies at the Kalalau Beach... eek. Though I suffered serious exhaustion and some dehydration (I drank 13 liters of water the last day alone and it still wasnt enough), walking those 22 miles was very rewarding...

Now, back to drawing...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Teddy vs Teddy

Just a piece I did for the Power in Numbers show at Nucleus. Its been a LOOOOONG time since I have done anything in traditional media. Inking felt great, I love it so much more than digital "ink" or clean up.

This show should be pretty cool. Tons of artists exhibiting... My friends Israel Sanchez, Justin Ridge, Matt Spangler and Martin Hsu will all have pieces there too... so check it out, and maybe buy something, the money goes to the Breast Cancer fund!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Storyboarding on Metalocalypse

Well, I dont post much art, I dont get to draw much really... but that should all change now that I started boarding on Metalocalypse!! (The drawing part, not the posting part *wink*) Yee Haw!! After spending all last season doing layout on the show (not bad mind you, I learned alot) But now I get to help shape the look of the show a little more, and that is pretty exciting!!

Today I had my first board pitch, it went well... Co-Creator Brendon Small seemed to like almost everything The director Jon Schnepp and I did... so, rock on, feather in cap placed... now I need to do some revisions and keep on truckin'!

This show is gruesome at times, I will enjoy drawing these things as cartoony as I can... haha... thats my form of rebellion.

Ok ok, and I will try to post more drawings too... sheesh.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Amazing Screw On Head DVD! Check me out!

Hey! Check it out! I am on the special features of a dvd! Kinda cool, I wish I would have had better things to say other than "Mike Mignola is cool"... but they didnt give me much time to prep.

The studio I work at, Titmouse Inc, directed and boarded the show... I was a huge fan of the comic, and I kept bugging my boss to let me work on it in any capacity... At first he only let me be the in-house "Mignola expert". He would ask things like "Does this look like something Mignola would do?" and I would answer... I was the one to help approve the image above, used for posters and the dvd cover (I know its a small task, but I am pretty proud that they gave me a small role on the show)... then later they let me do some drawings for the intro... Persistance pays off, sometimes. I got on the dvd featurette, but not in the show credits... oh well.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tony Almeida!!! YEAH!

I took this quiz hoping to be either President Palmer or Tony Almeida... I win!

Which "24" character are you?

Tony Almeida
You are Tony Almeida!!!! Behind every batman is a robin, you are Jack's 2nd hand man.. You can lead CTU, you can be field OP's, You are a lover and a fighter.
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And here is Battlestar too! Apollo is a'ight. Chief Tyrol wasn't on the list, so I couldnt be too bummed.

What Battlestar Gallactica Character Are You?

You're really a versatile person. Capable of leading, obeying, fighting, protecting and if the situation calls, running really damn fast. Nevertheless, you get the job done, whatever it is. You are strong when you need to be, and when others need you to be, so it always looks like your bringing your game face.
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