Thursday, December 22, 2011

Conan Sketches

I love the fantasy genre... and after seeing all of Becky Cloonan's Conan sketches over the past month, and watching the Hobbit trailer 100 times today (literally), I decided to draw some Conan. I could have drawn dwarves, but maybe that is next...

So, I did these sketches-- I like Conan as the gnarled, beat up, older Conan.

This first image I drew I was just "drawing to draw", and wasn't thinking enough. Half way through the sketch I thought "He looks too pretty, and it needs to be more of an upshot, and he needed to be thicker." He needs more "old man" strength. I colored it for practice, and to try to "toughen him up." So in the end, my least favorite drawing is actually the most finished piece.

So I drew this sketch. Upshot, thicker, gnarled. I like it.

Then after doing a couple head shots, I decided I should think of this more like an illustration. I usually don't sketch in this manner, but I need to. I might go back and clean this up... maybe. This piece shows my process... I usually sketch in a red tinted color, I prefer it to blue or grey. I can then draw/ink on top in black more easily.

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