Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deadliest Warrior- Knight vs Pirate sketch

So, I have had a heck of a year... I wrapped up working on "Black Dynamite: The Animated Series", then the heck of the year started when I went to Europe for over 2 months, where I discovered that, low and behold, my drawings suddenly were better, I kinda surprised myself. I will have to post some sketches, photos, and thoughts later... But here I am now, after not posting for over 6 months again, posting something sketchy...

As I posted with all my previous Doctor Who sketchbook pages, I always sketch while watching TV shows... I've recently spent my nights watching "The Deadliest Warrior"... oh man, I thought I would hate the cheesiness of the show, but nope, it is downright awesome! It plays directly into my history nerdiness and my love of weapon facts (my favorite part of playing D&D in high school was studying the weapons and armor). I especially enjoy the acted fight scenarios at the end of the show; you can find me hooting and hollering in joy at the TV.

I just watched the Knight vs Pirate episode and did a quick sketch while watching the Mafia vs Yakuza episode. Not everything is perfect, I would probably redraw most of this for a finished piece, but it's a decent quick sketch study with reference only from memory.

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