Thursday, August 25, 2005

The only sketches I have scanned in right now...

Sorry I dont have anything better to show....

The first sketches are random people I saw, mainly this homeless dude sitting at the bus stop on Santa Monica and Vine....

The second sketches aretwo tiny preliminary designs for characters in my next comic, Koji and the Dragon, created by Mark A Smith, drawn by ME!...

Anyways, on to important stuff....The Men's slowpitch softball team I play on is trying to win the summer 2005 Championship, we have to play 3 straight days, and can not lose two games or we are eliminated. We lost the first one we played on Wednesday, then won the second one (by winnning the second one, we eliminated a team). Today, we played again (vs the team that beat us Wednesday), we won and eliminated them. I think we beat them like 28-17 or something, it was a pretty good bashing...which is good, cause they were trash talkers!

So far in this series I am crushing the ball every time up, I am 6 for 9 with a triple, 2 doubles, and 3 singles (one of my doubles shoulda been a homerun, but it squeezed under a park fence and it was ruled a ground-rule double, lame, I bet Vladdy Guerrero doesnt have to deal with that!) They have me batting last (12th), but with those numbers, I am trying to state my case to bat higher in the order!!!

Tomorrow we play for the Championship! We have to beat that team twice and we can't lose or else we are eliminated and they are champs...WE NEED TO WIN! I want a Championship T-shirt dang it!!!


  1. You can beat 'em, champ! Good luck with those games tonight! Cool sketches too! Please post more!!

  2. Its not if you when or lose its how u play the game. With that said....beat the living daylights out of ur opponents. Great scketches by the way Ill have to join to little blog community.


    Ben Nelson

  3. Nice sketches! Can't wait to see more, yes please post more!

    Hope you get that championship t-shirt!

  4. Thanks Justin, Ben, and Eren!