Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hector Spector Reviewed?!

I just noticed that Hector Spector, a comic that Josh Pruett and I did last year was reviewed recently by, its a positive review, Thank you Randy at astonishes me every time one of these reviews pop up, it makes me want to start drawing immediately, it just makes me feel good that someone likes something I drew, I totally get pumped up!... oh, and I noticed my good friend Matt Spangler's book was reviewed as well! VERY COOL! Check it out also, The Travels of Gulliver

Fourth Rail review here!

So after reading the review, I was inspired to draw the little sketch you see above, he is Chris from Hector Spector...and if any of you are wondering the status of either book Josh and I did, here is an update. Josh and I are working on Smoke RIGHT NOW! and then Hector Spector will be worked on sometime next year, I wish we could write and draw faster, but we can't, and part of our problem/coolness is that we are rewriting both stories completely, hopefully for the better...


  1. Even tho it looks like the monster is trying to lick him in the moobies, love the sketch Dik! Very vibrant and full of that stuff that's the opposite of death. Whaddya call it? Oh yeah. Life.

  2. Oooooh can't wait to see Smoke and Hector Spector!!

    Nice drawing!

  3. SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait!!

  4. Wow, cool action-packed sketch!!!

  5. love me some hector spector!! great stuff richard.

  6. Give me some more my friend, the public awaits.