Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back from Kauai... alive.

So I am back from a week in Kauai. I went there to attend the wedding of my buddy Ryan Hernandez... it was a great little wedding. It was awesome watching Ryan and Vanessa look into each other's eyes as they exchanged vows; and, yes I got choked up, I am a sap, and I dont care who knows it.

While I was there waiting for the wedding, I hiked the amazing 11 mile Kalalau Trail with my buddy Mike. The first night, we camped at the 2 mile marker, Hanakapai Beach. We were ready to wrestle this hike into submission...

The next morning, I thought I was a giant in this wonderland, me and my 50 pound backpack...

But this hike is MURDER... sooo strenuous. It was constantly up and down, never flat, always too steep... We hiked 2 miles one day (it got dark), and 20 over the next 2 days. NOT EASY!!! Here I am near the end of our death march, next to the most beautiful sign I had seen in over 6 hours and more than 12 liters of water consumed...

90% of the trail is less than 2 feet wide, and at times the trail is just part of the gravel slope, straight into the ocean, 1000 feet down, if you slip. Not cool. We each had a few close calls falling or tripping, and we each had one serious fall with our legs dangling over a precipice (Hiking stick, I love you, you saved my life this weekend). But here we are... alive to tell of the beauty of the Na Pali Coast... it was a great experience, even if we had to see nudist hippies at the Kalalau Beach... eek. Though I suffered serious exhaustion and some dehydration (I drank 13 liters of water the last day alone and it still wasnt enough), walking those 22 miles was very rewarding...

Now, back to drawing...


  1. Is that Jack Shepard?
    (obligitory Lost referance joke)

  2. Hahahhaha @ Lost reference.

    Wow, what a gorgeous place to have a wedding. This place looks so far removed than anywhere I've lived, like something out of a movie! (or TV show....)

  3. Wow! Sounds like you had quite an adventure. So glad you're back safe :) So glad we didn't do the hike hehehee. But sounds like it was amazing. Hooray for Richard!

  4. I think that's the most Charlie Sheen like you've ever looked! But keep working at it, you'll get there one day.

  5. WOW dude 22 miles?

  6. hahah thats aweomse dik!!! that hike looks like fun