Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some more Artwork

Here are a couple other pieces of art I did for the T&P Fine Art Gallery show this past month.

Jack Johnson- The first black heavy weight boxing champion in the world.

Thomas Jefferson- Sitting in his cabinet at Monticello, reading a couple books, thinking about things.

Theodore Roosevelt- Good ol Teddy reaching for his trusty Big Stick! He is ready to face off vs the Critic! Now, we all know the Critic is worthless, he sits back and criticizes the Man in the Arena, the man who actually is out there doing the work. This idea was based on a famous speech he once gave. The Man in the Arena

This piece was done in a Kirby style. I just wanted to do artwork that simulated comic panels, and Kirby was the king at comics! Here, I pay him tribute.


  1. HAHAHAHAAHAHAH dude these are awesome!!!!!

  2. wonderful! love the jefferson piece, and all your washes feel really nice.