Friday, October 30, 2009

Baseball Post 3

So today, I am going to post a couple videos dealing with some of the best scenes in baseball films coupled with arguing with Umpires.

The first clip is from "A League of Their Own", one of the best baseball films ever made. It is in my top five for sure, and on some days it is in my top 3. Here is the most famous scene... "There's no crying in baseball". Man, Tom Hanks's facial expressions get me every time. This scene ends with Hanks arguing with the ump...

The next scene comes from "Bull Durham". Costner hit his peak with "Bull Durham" and "Field of Dreams", what happened to this guy? (Actually, I like the 'Postman' too) Anyways, this scene is all about arguing with the umpire and how to get kicked out of a ballgame. I noticed a trend from the "A League of Their Own" scene and this one... see if you find a pattern in the words NOT to use with an ump...

And the final scene is gut busting comedy from the original "Naked Gun"... man, some days I wish umpires would be like this. Please notice they are using Randy Newman's "I Love LA" in this clip, two posts from now, I will revisit this fact.


  1. 1) yeah big success in France at the time! sadlly because of...

    But great movie! Tom Hanks is a god.

    2) ahah! "Bull Durham" I remamber when I was kid I've seen this movie and I ask my mother "what is a cock sucker?"

    3) Wouah! "Naked Gun" that post is awesome, love the pitch!!! haven't seen this movie... but will do all my best for find it!!
    "I Love LA" is really a great song!!!

  2. Seb,

    1) You are right about the "Madonna" song... that is the WORST part of the movie... sad.

    2) You asked your mom what a cocksucker was?! HAHAHAHA... that is awesome!

    3) You have never seen The Naked Gun?! Oh wow, try to find it, it is a great film. It is a very SILLY film, a great comedy.