Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sketchbook Pages 6

A bit of a miss match of sketchbook pages, but they must be posted!

This first page was drawn while watching "Oklahoma" and Dr Who.

This next drawing was the only decent drawing from a recent LA Zoo trip. I made sure to only draw 4 legged/hooved animals this time (my favorite animal is the Gorilla, but that's almost like drawing people, I need to expand my repertoire). I present a Gerenuk in repose.

And this last page is just because I really really wanted to draw the Iron Man helmet and armor. I was trying to remember what the armor looked like (I prefer the version from the early/mid ninties when I was beginning to collect comics). Funny how many details I remembered, and how many I forgot.


  1. those iron man sketches kill!

  2. super cool iron man!

    nice stuff

  3. some of these are pretty spiffy :)