Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I hate these calls...

I am not the most confident artist right now, well, I finally get past my own doubts and start to draw, literally 5 minutes in, I get one of those "pick up your portfolio" calls, and I stop drawing and start doubting myself again. They could have given me an hour of feeling good about myself couldn't they? No, I suppose not.

I wasn't going to pick up the phone when I saw the number, I know that number is from the studio... but the optimist in me thought "Maybe they are calling to give me a storyboard test? Maybe?"... that'll teach me! Should've let it go to voicemail and kept on drawing in ignorant bliss. It's now been three hours, and I still can't draw, so I scanned in some sketchbook pages.

Note: While writing this, my mom calls "Hi, I just want to see how you are doing. Have you heard anything from any studios?" I said "Yeah, nothing good, I have to go pick up my portfolio cause they have no work for me." She says "Oh... ok, well, I just wanted to know how you were doing, bye." Haha... that's not wanting to know how I am! That is just calling to see if I have a job yet... very different.

Below is some art that makes me feel good. I drew these pages mostly while watching "Ken Burns National Parks" documentary (nnd some House MD). Man, that doc makes me want to uproot and leave on a tour of the US. I remember a college professor once asking us what we wanted to do with our lives, and he said to think of it this way "If you had 100$ or 200$ million, you didn't have to worry about money, what would you do with yourself?" Many people answered "I would make an independent movie" or "I would draw a comic and publish it" or something along those lines... I now know, I would not draw comics or anything like that, I would just pick up all my gear and tour the world, see the most beautiful things there are to see. I am sure I would keep drawing, but I wouldn't draw with the stress of having to perform.


  1. man, forget those studios..go do live action boards. then you get to travel and draw and get paid and eat!
    keep your head up bro...

  2. Thanks man! Every once in a while, I gotta let the steam out of the cooker... or else I'll pop. Head is up again today.

  3. Hey dude I hear you loud and clear on wanting to travel (definitely experienced this firsthand when I traveled to Germany and the Czech Republic) and parents checking in for things they kinda already know the answer to (and things you don't really want to talk about).

    In any case, the sketches are looking great. On the second page, I really liked the ranger with his back to us and his arm up. At the moment, I'm having my own trouble with faces and shoulders and this gave me some new ideas on approach so thanks!

    Always good to hear your insights regardless of the subject matter.