Monday, March 28, 2011

Namor the Sub-Mariner

Thought: I wonder if the Sub-Mariner drank torpedo juice the way submariners used to in the early 1900's? (What is torpedo juice? Look it up)(That was a free "Rich History" for you all).

Decided to draw a Namor for a warm up today. I am not an exciting sketch guy. What I mean is, when I have to draw a storyboard/comic, I can come up with good poses/shots... when I am sketching/illustrating, I draw characters standing there, doing nothing. Oh well, I will have to work on that. That said, I really just wanted to draw Namor standing there to try drawing a character with a lean/longer body than I am used to drawing. Next time I will draw an exciting pose that shows his ankles so I can draw those awesome little wings. Imperious Rex!


  1. awesome sketch and i learned what torpedo juice was, too!!

  2. Thanks, man! And yeah, torpedo juice musta been awesome! Instantly blind!