Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tony Almeida!!! YEAH!

I took this quiz hoping to be either President Palmer or Tony Almeida... I win!

Which "24" character are you?

Tony Almeida
You are Tony Almeida!!!! Behind every batman is a robin, you are Jack's 2nd hand man.. You can lead CTU, you can be field OP's, You are a lover and a fighter.
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And here is Battlestar too! Apollo is a'ight. Chief Tyrol wasn't on the list, so I couldnt be too bummed.

What Battlestar Gallactica Character Are You?

You're really a versatile person. Capable of leading, obeying, fighting, protecting and if the situation calls, running really damn fast. Nevertheless, you get the job done, whatever it is. You are strong when you need to be, and when others need you to be, so it always looks like your bringing your game face.
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