Saturday, February 10, 2007

Amazing Screw On Head DVD! Check me out!

Hey! Check it out! I am on the special features of a dvd! Kinda cool, I wish I would have had better things to say other than "Mike Mignola is cool"... but they didnt give me much time to prep.

The studio I work at, Titmouse Inc, directed and boarded the show... I was a huge fan of the comic, and I kept bugging my boss to let me work on it in any capacity... At first he only let me be the in-house "Mignola expert". He would ask things like "Does this look like something Mignola would do?" and I would answer... I was the one to help approve the image above, used for posters and the dvd cover (I know its a small task, but I am pretty proud that they gave me a small role on the show)... then later they let me do some drawings for the intro... Persistance pays off, sometimes. I got on the dvd featurette, but not in the show credits... oh well.