Monday, April 09, 2007

Storyboarding on Metalocalypse

Well, I dont post much art, I dont get to draw much really... but that should all change now that I started boarding on Metalocalypse!! (The drawing part, not the posting part *wink*) Yee Haw!! After spending all last season doing layout on the show (not bad mind you, I learned alot) But now I get to help shape the look of the show a little more, and that is pretty exciting!!

Today I had my first board pitch, it went well... Co-Creator Brendon Small seemed to like almost everything The director Jon Schnepp and I did... so, rock on, feather in cap placed... now I need to do some revisions and keep on truckin'!

This show is gruesome at times, I will enjoy drawing these things as cartoony as I can... haha... thats my form of rebellion.

Ok ok, and I will try to post more drawings too... sheesh.


  1. Nice fu-man! HAHA XD 'twas great meeting you at the wedding, too! Always nice outside of comic-cons where it's less chaotic. And pretty to boot.

  2. Glad to hear you're moving on from layout, congrats!

  3. SWEET!! congrats!! And here I thought you weren't talking to me on AIM just cause you didn't like me.

  4. Cool stuff Pose it's been along time.

  5. awesome dik. freegin' rock them boards buddy.

    -mike and chris