Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Old storyboards: Metalocalypse

I was just cleaning up some old boards, looking through some of the work I have done in the past... and I came across one of my favorite boards.

This was done for Metalocalypse, season 2, episode 14 (I think)... the CFO gets replaced by some other "cooler" guy. And at the end, the CFO agrees to party with the guys...

Well, CFO has a little too much to drink and...

I think they cut this gag from the episode, I don't know, I never saw the final episode. That was a fun episode to board, there was a sword fighting sequence in there.

TV boards are challenging cause I was always thinking "How can I reuse BG's (backgrounds) as to not piss off my art director, and how can I make this easy for the animators so they can spend most of their time on the money shots..." Lots of planning goes into making a very simple looking show. I think the planning part of it was my favorite.

I always would have a chuckle boarding on this show, not because I thought the show was funny, but because I loved drawing the characters with overly animated and goofy expressions (not the style of the show, but since it was done in flash, nothing had to be on model), and I loved listening to Indie Folk music while boarding a show that dealt with Death Metal. This is as subversive as I get.

I may post some more golden nuggets as I find them. Going through old work is like treasure hunting.


  1. Hello, Richard!

    Just so you know, the bit about Charles getting sloppy with the band wasn't used at the end of the episode. I guess the episode ran too long for it.

    BUT! They used it as an extra on the 2nd season DVD.

  2. I really wished they had used the CFO-puking-on-Murderface bit. It's awesome! XD

  3. Holkie- Thanks for the update. I will have to check out the dvd and see what the design team came up with, I am sure it is hilarious.

    April- You and me both! I was almost positive it was going to make it into the episode. Oh well, I will always have the drawing... Thanks for the comment.

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