Thursday, July 02, 2009

Theodore Roosevelt and his Big Stick

It is no secret that I am a Theodore Roosevelt fan. Someday I will do a blog of Theodore Roosevelt fun facts!

Anyhow, I started doing pieces for an upcoming art show, and I decided that I would start with a good ol' Teedie (Fun fact#1: He didn't like the name Teddy... he was known to his family as Teedie)

This is an 11" x 16" ink and watercolor piece. I need to do like 10 more pieces for the show, I really want to do a 2' x 3' piece or something bigger... but I don't know, that is a lot of paint to move around. I think all my pieces will be a combination American Presidents and Philadelphia baseball players (The art show is in Philly), but plans may change...

I apologize for the crummy scan, I just can't get a good scan of watercolors. I promise the original is nicer.